Paradise Pass was started in 2006 with no clubhouse, 3 stages built from torn down barns and $400. in the account.
With the help of so many awesome cowboys, cowgirls, and local businesses supporting our start up. We went from 13 shooters at our first match in March of 2006, to our summer matches now bringing in over 80 shooters !
We have grown to 14 stage bays ! Two camp grounds ! 5 cabins, 300 yard long range, a 1,800 sq. ft. clubhouse, and have the honor of hosting the Indiana State Shoot, an International Black Powder event, and in 2016 hosted the Illinois State championship also ! We also had the honor of being named Club of the World for SASS in 2015 and went to Vegas to receive the award ! 
This all could not be possible without the fantastic family of PPR members that we have here all the time, helping to make the place a true Paradise.